A Brief Guide to the Different Types of Civil Construction Projects

Have you ever found yourself asking, “What is civil construction?”

This subset of the building industry focuses on core infrastructure projects. These projects benefit the public’s health, safety, transportation, and recreation.

Many people assume that government-sponsored developers are the only ones who hire civil construction companies. In reality, private property owners can also make use of their help. What type of projects do civil construction contractors take on, and should you consider hiring an expert in this field? Let’s take a closer look into the industry to find out.

Land Development

The first step in any major landscaping or building project is prepping the land itself for construction. In some cases, this can involve large amounts of land clearing from trees, brush, or debris. If you need to level out a hill or dig out an area for a basement or sewer line, the project might also need bulk earthwork.

A civil earthmoving company is the best place to call for any major project that involves digging or clearing large stretches of ground. This may include large landscaping overhauls, creating a sporting field, or preparing a parcel of land for farming. You can also call them to clear your property before starting construction on a new home or barn.

Water and Drainage Systems

Did you know that toilets save lives all around the world? It may seem strange, but they’re more than convenient appliances. Clean running water and modern sewer systems are some of the most important ways we protect people from preventable diseases.

Today, you can thank heavy civil construction companies for your wastewater infrastructure. They dig and lay pipes for sewer and water mains plumbing as well as creating avenues for stormwater drainage. They may also unearth existing pipes for repairs if they get damaged.

Paving Projects

Land and water management aren’t the only duties of heavy civil construction contractors. They’re also responsible for building transportation infrastructure.

This can include large-scale development like roads and highways. It can also be small-scale, like private driveways and car parks for businesses.

Projects like these involve a lot more than moving earth and putting down a layer of asphalt or gravel. Civil engineers must ensure that construction follows State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) regulations. They also have to follow all local standards, get the proper permits, and build in a way that will withstand time, severe weather, and lots of use.

Are You in Need of a Civil Construction Company?

Do you need to upgrade your stormwater drainage system or reshape a parcel of land? If so, calling a civil construction professional is the first course of action. They’re dedicated to improving your quality of life through the power of infrastructure.

Are you looking for a reliable civil construction or civil earthmoving company in the Toukley, New South Wales area? Civil Movement can take care of all the projects discussed above and can also provide plant equipment for hire. Contact us online today or give us a call to discuss your options.


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